3 May 2022

Cuddly Extra Care

Cuddly Extra Care is for consumers looking to get more from their fabric conditioner than just softness and fragrance. So, the packaging had to engage consumers on a sensory level but also communicate that it works harder than other products.

25 Jun 2019

AYAM™ Hawker Market

AYAM™ wanted to capture the growing consumer appetite for street food with a new range of ready sauces in the Asian sauce market: Hawker Market. By crafting an evocative Asian street scene used in tandem with vibrant food photography, Tweak has created a vivid and colourful story of the authentic flavours and taste of the hawker market experience. The Hawker Market sub-brand sits under the AYAM™ logo to tie the range into the well-loved AYAM™

1 Oct 2020

Palmolive Naturals Hair Care Range

Palmolive Naturals was lost on the cluttered hair care shelf and needed a simplified design to hero its natural messaging and increase shelf impact. Tweak stripped back the design to spotlight the ingredients. Using a simplified pack architecture and colour structure provides a clean, fresh backdrop for the ingredients to standout. The matte vignetted white background contrasts with the gloss ingredient photography and Palmolive brand mark. Metallic colours on variant text playfully capture the light and

1 Oct 2020

Kettle Chunky Chips

To engage consumers in the already competitive snack food category, Kettle has created a new thick cut potato chip for a bigger, crunchier potato taste. The pack design leverages the successful Kettle premium chip brand credentials but highlights the sub-brand name ‘Chunky’ in a distinctive font on a coloured band for shelf shout. The sliced potato chip stack very simply illustrates the thick-cut offering and a call out communicates the thick cut proposition to help

Manicare Gift Packs

These design/fashion trend inspired gift packs are created to add a little bit of luxury and style to the Manicare offering. Tweak designed label shapes and packaging to further enhance the products on offer. A triangular prism box was created to display the mini brush kit in an open position. The box shape adds interest on shelf whilst showing the function of the product. The die cut printed wrap around the travel bag showcases the

30 Apr 2015

AYAM™ Curry Pastes Range

The AYAM™ Pastes range was refreshed to increase quality cues, maintain authentic Asian brand values and unite all sauce ranges under one master brand identity.

24 Mar 2015

SKINS 400 Series

SKINS is the category leader in sports compression wear, and is known for its technological advancement and quality construction. The 400 Series is the top tier within the SKINS range and as such appeals to the discerning athlete who wants the most advanced compression wear on the market.

3 Mar 2015

AYAM™ Stir Fry Sauce

The AYAM™ Stir Fry Sauce range combines the convenience of an instant stir through sauce with the authenticity and flavour AYAM™ is known for.

Emporia Toilet Tissue

Emporia is manufactured in Australia by Solaris Paper, an Australian operated and managed affiliate of Asia Pulp and Paper, established in 2007, distributing high quality toilet and tissue paper products throughout the Australasia region. 

Gatorade Fierce Apple

Following the successful launch in the US, Gatorade is staying fierce this summer with a limited-time offering and a special promotion of Gatorade Fierce Green Apple into Australia.

Pink Initial Corporate Identity

  Pink Hygiene is an iconic Australian feminine hygiene brand and market leader. It has strong brand awareness through their pink trucks and Volkswagen 'bugs' seen all over the country.

Gatorade Fuelling The Ashes

Gatorade, an official partner of Cricket Australia and the official sports drink of the Australian cricket team, rolled out its biggest support program behind cricket down under to coincide with the start of summer. 

Moosehead Gift Packs

  Moosehead started about 10 years ago in Melbourne when we  noticed there was a real need for styling hair products that were actually made for the urban guy.

Palmolive Collections

  The Palmolive brand name is currently synonymous with trusted cleaning in the personal care market including soap, shampoo, shower gel etc.

Sard Range

SARD is a hard-working product, with the boosted power of added ingredients with natural cleaning benefits.

Thins Popped

  Thins is the market leader in flat cut chips, known for being thin, light and crispy. Thins brand equity and expertise were used to develop a popped chip offering, using a new healthier, method of air popped chips. 

Nerada Organics

Nerada's range of Organically Grown Herbal Infusions include some of the more popular varieties and blends – Camomile, Peppermint, Rosehip, Lemon Myrtle. They are also naturally caffeine free. People have used herbs for both culinary and medicinal purposes for centuries.

Nerada Tea

Nerada Tea is the largest supplier of Australian grown tea. The Nerada range has been repositioned to align with current category cues and uphold Nerada’s brand values.

Fab Range

  Fab understands it's important to know not only what ingredients are in the products you and your family use, but also why they are in there.

Massel Liquid Stock

  Today, Massel holds a prominent position in the Australian market. This is thanks to the exquisite, flavoursome, vegetable nature and superior quality of its product.

McPherson’s Baking Range

  Wiltshire is an iconic Australian brand, well established in kitchenware and household products. It has been synonymous with quality, reliability and value for money for over 65 years.

AYAM™ Satay Range

AYAM™ is a leading Asian food brand in Australia and is committed to providing high quality, authentic Asian products with superior taste and flavour.

Smart Shot Innovation

Dynamo & Cold Power Smart Shot received a 'Highly Commended' recognition award in the 2012 Australian Packaging Design Awards and PKN Shelf Shout Awards.


Massel started operating in Sydney in 1982, and in 1987 the company released a range of premium products featuring; no animal content; no added MSG; no gluten; no lactose.