Palmolive wanted to change the positioning strategy of the core hair care range, moving from technology to more natural extract messaging. The new design is simple, clean, and easy to understand. Each variant utilises a piece of nature to provide the desired benefit. We hero the core ingredient to drive this simple message home.

The previous range was multicoloured each variant a completely different colour to the next. This multicolour effect fractured the range reducing its prominence as a range on shelf. The new range was designed to block on shelf using a consistent pack architecture and colour structure. This ensured from a distance the Palmolive range could be identified in the very busy category.

A consistent white at the top of the pack provides a clean backdrop for the ingredients and branding to pop. A lighter colour palette effectively picks up light on sometimes darkened shelves and provides a cleaner/fresher look.

Matte, gloss and metallic finishes were used to accentuate design elements and cue premium. The vignetted white backgrounds were matted to contrast the gloss ingredient photography and Palmolive brand mark. Metallic colours were used on variant text which catches the light and give the design a touch of premium bling.