23 Mar 2023

AYAM™ Hawker Market Curry & Soups

The AYAM Hawker Market curry and soup ranges expand on the authentic hawker market story, with different street scenes and food photography to set the ranges apart from the original stir-fry range. A traditional blue ceramic pot with copper serving spoon is used for curry and a deep white bowl with an Asian soup spoon denotes soup. We maintained the red painted rectangle architecture, Ayam’s brandmark, and typography for range consistency and consumer confidence in

2 May 2023

Palmolive Luminous Oils

When Tweak was asked to redesign Palmolive's Luminous Oils range in line with the masterbrand, it was important not to lose its distinctive assets of luminosity. So, we used glowing oil drops, radiant lighting in photography and gold foil finishes to signal warmth and luxury. We chose simple typography and contemporary ingredient photography for a clean, understated look and wove in a more premium green to unify the

6 Dec 2022

AYAM™ Meal Pastes

Tweak’s redesign of the AYAM™ paste range elevates quality perceptions and improves shelf navigation. We retained the brand’s heritage – brandmark, bright variant colour backgrounds and signature yellow lid – for familiarity and cohesion.

19 Apr 2022

Thins Veggie Snaps

When Thins Veggie Snaps launched in the savoury snacking category, Tweak designed a vibrant visual language to position it as a full of flavour, better-for-you snack from Australia’s Thins brand. We used a vibrant colour palette and fresh roasted ingredient photography to hero the chips.

14 Jun 2022

Cuddly Pure & Clear

To launch Cuddly Pure & Clear, an exciting new plant-based clear fabric conditioner, Tweak deviated from the opaque colour blocking already on shelf instead using a clear shrink wrap label on a clear bottle showing through to clear liquid – to highlight its eco-friendly credentials and nature-based ingredients.

9 Oct 2021

Massel Asian Stock Range

Tweak was tasked to design a Massel Asian range of stock cubes. It was important to leverage the Massel identity; known for taste and quality, whilst distinctly differentiating the Asian range. Key brand assets were carried over and reimagined to set the tone for authentic asian cuisine. A black masthead with gold asian brush script clearly defines the range and is first in hierarchy.

3 May 2022

Cuddly Extra Care

Cuddly Extra Care is for consumers looking to get more from their fabric conditioner than just softness and fragrance. So, the packaging had to engage consumers on a sensory level but also communicate that it works harder than other products.

9 Oct 2021

Colgate Optic White Expert Range

Tweak’s pack architecture for a range of whitening toothpastes under the Optic White brand creates a clear hierarchy of information and consistency on shelf. Working within the global brand identity, Tweak delivered visual consistency using a white glow above a rippling red background.

9 Oct 2021


When Nicaway launched mini lozenges, an exciting new product to help manage nicotine cravings, it was a chance to design more powerful packaging to increase shelf presence, build consumer awareness and elevate the brand. Tweak’s revolutionary design heroes the brand logotype, leverages the brand’s benefits and improves navigation at point of purchase.

8 Apr 2021

Nerada Tea Probiotics

Nerada has created a range of herbal infusions with added probiotics to appeal to a more health-conscious consumer. Inspired by the ingredients in each blend, Tweak designed packaging that clearly communicates the functional benefits of each variant and that has a distinct on-shelf personality.

8 Apr 2021

Fluffy Freshen Up

When Tweak designed packaging for Freshen Up, a new product for the Fluffy brand to freshen up clothes between washes, the challenge was twofold: to clearly communicate product claims and hint at the sensory experience.

25 Jun 2019

AYAM™ Hawker Market

AYAM™ wanted to capture the growing consumer appetite for street food with a new range of ready sauces in the Asian sauce market: Hawker Market. By crafting an evocative Asian street scene used in tandem with vibrant food photography, Tweak has created a vivid and colourful story of the authentic flavours and taste of the hawker market experience. The Hawker Market sub-brand sits under the AYAM™ logo to tie the range into the well-loved AYAM™

1 Oct 2020

Palmolive Naturals Hair Care Range

Palmolive Naturals was lost on the cluttered hair care shelf and needed a simplified design to hero its natural messaging and increase shelf impact. Tweak stripped back the design to spotlight the ingredients. Using a simplified pack architecture and colour structure provides a clean, fresh backdrop for the ingredients to standout. The matte vignetted white background contrasts with the gloss ingredient photography and Palmolive brand mark. Metallic colours on variant text playfully capture the light and

1 Oct 2020

Kettle Chunky Chips

To engage consumers in the already competitive snack food category, Kettle has created a new thick cut potato chip for a bigger, crunchier potato taste. The pack design leverages the successful Kettle premium chip brand credentials but highlights the sub-brand name ‘Chunky’ in a distinctive font on a coloured band for shelf shout. The sliced potato chip stack very simply illustrates the thick-cut offering and a call out communicates the thick cut proposition to help

25 Mar 2020

Kettle Flatbread Crackers Packaging

To support Kettle's move into the cracker market Tweak leveraged the brand's flavour credentials and premium positioning. The crafted nature of Kettle Flat Bread Crackers is reflected in vintage typography, carefully composed photography and textual finishes. Designed to be enjoyed on its own or with a topping, the elegant food styling communicates the quality and flavour profile of the cracker. Black is synonymous with the Kettle brand and has been used to back the range

25 Mar 2020

Reef Sunscreen

Reef Sunscreen is designed for sunlovers who love the Reef Coconut fragrance but want a high SPF sun protection. Maintaining functional communication for users to navigate via the SPF number was key to consumers discovering Reef 50+ in the sunscreen category. The pack architecture heroes the 50+ SPF, highlights the product name and signals the coconut fragrance through the use of metallic brown colour

25 Mar 2020

Reef Shimmer

Reef Shimmer is a new innovation in its category, tapping into the body glitter and shimmer trend. The minimalist clear bottle provides product show through to hero the glittery, metallic effect and elevates this to a more modern and luxurious product. A simple black square panel inspired by the beauty category highlights key product information breaking away from the core range communication. Reef Shimmer was featured on PKN eNews April

13 Jun 2019

Nerada Speciality Range

Tweak developed a premium range of Speciality Teas to extend Nerada’s Tea range- Royal Devonshire and Earl Grey. Classic, premium cues such as gold trim, ornate patterns and script typography were used to convey the quality and authenticity of the product. The colours associated with the Tea type are commonly seen in this

8 May 2018

Kettle Taste Sensations

Tweak’s design simply and elegantly conveys taste and premium cues, beginning with the expressive script used for ‘Taste Sensations’, which is underscored by an emotive product descriptor, ‘Decadent Flavour Collection’.

21 Sep 2018

Kettle Popcorn Cups

Following the successful launch of the Kettle Popcorn bag, the range was expanded to include a convenient cup format. The smaller serving size and easy to hold format taps into the consumer demand for snacking on the go. Available in three varieties: Honey & Butter, Salted Caramel, Sweet & Salty. The Kettle Popcorn Cups was featured on PKN eNews October 2018 Source: Food&Drink Sept. pg 34  ...from the Exberry Colouring Foods, GNT. Popcorn goes premium

29 Aug 2018

Green4Air – Vertical Wall Garden

Tweak developed visually contemporary packaging to launch Green4Air's innovative vertical wall garden into the busy hardware store environment. The packaging references the product’s distinctive shape and vibrant colours on all sides to successfully communicate its function and style.  Visually strong displays can be achieved by alternating the packaging sides to attract in-store

31 Aug 2017

The Natural Chip Co. Range

We evolved The Natural Chip Co. packaging to reinforce its ‘natural’ point of difference and create an easily identifiable mark to build brand recognition. The new pack heroes real tasty ingredients and introduces vibrant colours for standout. The brand refresh successfully communicates the naturally great tasting brand proposition.

17 Jul 2018

Divine Blends Limited Editions

Ajax and Palmolive have come together to introduce new limited edition fragrances for 2018. Divine Blends is a combination of two scents blended together to deliver a fresh burst of fragrance for an uplifting sensorial experience. Since its launch the range has experienced strong growth and customer