28 Nov 2018

Kettle Uppercuts

The Kettle brand is synonymous with quality crafted potato chips and Tweak leveraged these credentials in the packaging for its new corn-based chip, Kettle Uppercuts.

29 Aug 2018

Ostelin – Packaging Evolution

In a heavily saturated category, Ostelin needed to work harder to standout from the crowd. Tweak streamlined and modernised the packaging to increase premium cues and better connect with consumers. 

28 Nov 2018

Palmolive Luminous Oils Shower Gel

Tweak adapted the existing Luminous Oils brand look and extended the range for the Australian market.

21 Sep 2018

Kettle Popcorn Cups

Following the successful launch of the Kettle Popcorn bag, the range was expanded to include a convenient cup format. The smaller serving size and easy to hold format taps into the consumer demand for snacking on the go. Available in three varieties: Honey & Butter, Salted Caramel, Sweet & Salty. The Kettle Popcorn Cups was featured on PKN eNews October 2018 Source: Food&Drink Sept. pg 34  ...from the Exberry Colouring Foods, GNT. Popcorn goes premium

8 May 2018

Kettle Taste Sensations

Tweak’s design simply and elegantly conveys taste and premium cues, beginning with the expressive script used for ‘Taste Sensations’, which is underscored by an emotive product descriptor, ‘Decadent Flavour Collection’.

29 Aug 2018

Palmolive Foaming Hand Wash

The market for foaming hand wash has exploded in recent years and the challenge for Tweak was to create packaging that would set Palmolive apart in the crowded category.

7 Aug 2018

Massel Evolution

Massel’s new packaging features a natural fresh look that is synonymous with its brand values. 

12 Jun 2018

Cuddly Aroma Intense

Following the global Cuddly Aroma Intense packaging design, Tweak extended the range with two new fragrance variants.

29 Aug 2018

Green4Air – Vertical Wall Garden

Tweak developed visually contemporary packaging to launch Green4Air's innovative vertical wall garden into the busy hardware store environment. The packaging references the product’s distinctive shape and vibrant colours on all sides to successfully communicate its function and style.  Visually strong displays can be achieved by alternating the packaging sides to attract in-store

31 Aug 2017

The Natural Chip Co. Range

We evolved The Natural Chip Co. packaging to reinforce its ‘natural’ point of difference and create an easily identifiable mark to build brand recognition. The new pack heroes real tasty ingredients and introduces vibrant colours for standout. The brand refresh successfully communicates the naturally great tasting brand proposition.

17 Jul 2018

Divine Blends Limited Editions

Ajax and Palmolive have come together to introduce new limited edition fragrances for 2018. Divine Blends is a combination of two scents blended together to deliver a fresh burst of fragrance for an uplifting sensorial experience. Since its launch the range has experienced strong growth and customer

30 Aug 2017


Tweak was asked to refresh a much-loved brand – appeal to a new generation of consumers, but remain relevant to long time Sargents pie lovers.

31 Jul 2017


New branding builds strength and effectiveness. Tweak designed a comprehensive packaging solution for pain reliever Mersynofen that leverages the brand's heritage and trusted attributes and strengthens the product's core difference.

30 Jul 2017

AYAM™ Celebrating 125 Years

125 years of delivering authentic Asian flavours to the world is definitely something to shout about.

29 Jul 2017

Virasolve Cold Sore Cream

How could Virasolve evolve to feel fresh and relevant while still keeping its heritage? Tweak redefined the architecture for Virasolve, an established cold sore cream that wasn’t hitting the spot with consumers.

13 Mar 2018

New Kettle Popcorn Flavours

Due to the successful launch of Kettle Popcorn in 2016, a new range extension introduces Chocolate Crackle and Cinnamon Sugar. Tweak’s packaging solution to launch the Kettle Popcorn original range leverages Kettle’s lovingly crafted and premium quality brand promise.

30 Jul 2017

AYAM™ Soy Sauce

Tweak was engaged to develop a new soy sauce range for AYAM™. Authenticity and quality has always been at the heart of the AYAM™ brand, but what makes the soy sauce range specifically own these key attributes?

30 Jul 2017


Bold design gains maximum stand out on shelf. Narium is an established, trusted brand in the non-medicated nasal spray category but its packaging didn't have the shelf shout it needed.

20 Jun 2017

Gastrolyte Ready to Drink Pop-Tops

Gastrolyte Ready to Drink Pop-Tops contain a balanced solution of glucose and electrolytes that help children rehydrate quickly.

12 Jun 2017

Cuddly Aroma Collections

Cuddly Aroma Collections is an amalgamation of the the previous Cuddly Aroma and Cuddly Collections.

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