• Strategic branding solutions that

    connect with your consumer

  • Strategic branding solutions that

    connect with your consumer

  • Strategic branding solutions that

    connect with your consumer

  • Strategic branding solutions that

    connect with your consumer

  • Strategic branding solutions that

    connect with your consumer


Over the past 20 years, Tweak has worked on more than 200 packaging projects for some of the world’s best known brands.
We’ve helped to innovate and reinvent international brands for Colgate-Palmolive, PepsiCo, Lion, Snackbrands, The Griffin’s Food Company and AYAM.
And in Australia, we’ve shaped and revitalised some iconic household brands including Primo, Gravox, Fountain, Saxa, Kettle, Natural Chip Co., Thins, Tooheys, West End, XXXX, Sargents, Nerada, Massel, Ostelin, Invisible Zinc, Manicare, Moosehead and Nicaway.
We’ve built brands that have grown categories through effective consumer insights and reinvigorated stagnant brands.
We have worked across many industries and categories including personal care, home care, food, beverage, alcohol, snacking, pet care and pharmaceutical.
We continue to explore new ways to connect with consumers through research insights, innovation and disruptive strategies.
Many of our clients have been with us for 10 years or more. Building long term relationships and brand knowledge has proven to be effective in achieving results every time.


“Building long term relationships and brand knowledge
has proven to be effective in achieving results every time.”

“Understanding the core consumer is key to
providing creative ideas that tap into their world”


23 Mar 2023

AYAM™ Hawker Market Curry & Soups

The AYAM Hawker Market curry and soup ranges expand on the authentic hawker market story, with different street scenes and food photography to set the ranges apart from the original stir-fry range. A traditional blue ceramic pot with copper serving spoon is used for curry and a deep white bowl with an Asian soup spoon denotes soup. We maintained the red painted rectangle architecture, Ayam’s brandmark, and typography for range consistency and consumer confidence in

4 Apr 2023

Palmolive Dish Australian Extracts

Palmolive is a proud supporter of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander community partner programs and wanted to celebrate this partnership through its latest range, Australian Extracts Dishwashing Liquid.

2 May 2023

Palmolive Luminous Oils

When Tweak was asked to redesign Palmolive's Luminous Oils range in line with the masterbrand, it was important not to lose its distinctive assets of luminosity. So, we used glowing oil drops, radiant lighting in photography and gold foil finishes to signal warmth and luxury. We chose simple typography and contemporary ingredient photography for a clean, understated look and wove in a more premium green to unify the

6 Dec 2022

AYAM™ Meal Pastes

Tweak’s redesign of the AYAM™ paste range elevates quality perceptions and improves shelf navigation. We retained the brand’s heritage – brandmark, bright variant colour backgrounds and signature yellow lid – for familiarity and cohesion.

1 Dec 2022

Palmolive Naturals Masterbrand Strategy

Palmolive is a market leader in the personal care segment so when it introduced the Naturals range, 95% derived from natural origin, it was an opportunity to leverage the brand’s credentials. 

6 Jul 2022

AYAM™ Coconut Range

AYAM™ is the leader in the Australian coconut milk/cream category but with new entrants in the market it was time for a brand refresh.

19 Apr 2022

Thins Veggie Snaps

When Thins Veggie Snaps launched in the savoury snacking category, Tweak designed a vibrant visual language to position it as a full of flavour, better-for-you snack from Australia’s Thins brand. We used a vibrant colour palette and fresh roasted ingredient photography to hero the chips.

14 Jun 2022

Cuddly Pure & Clear

To launch Cuddly Pure & Clear, an exciting new plant-based clear fabric conditioner, Tweak deviated from the opaque colour blocking already on shelf instead using a clear shrink wrap label on a clear bottle showing through to clear liquid – to highlight its eco-friendly credentials and nature-based ingredients.

3 May 2022

Ajax Spray & Wipe

The Ajax Spray n’ Wipe Multipurpose range is well known for its antibacterial and grease & grime cleaning properties. Two new variants - Zesty Lime and Tropical Grapefruit – build off the well-loved range.

15 Mar 2022

Curash Packaging – Revolution 

The trusted Curash brand and packaging needed to be modernised to help it stand out in a crowded market.

1 Jul 2021

Primo Chicken Dippers

Primo Chicken Dippers are one of a kind in the snacking small goods category. Tweak created packaging that followed the successful Primo Stackers brand equities of healthy, convenient and tasty snacking.

15 Feb 2022

Palmolive Complete Dish Liquid

Palmolive dishwashing liquids are a household name. So when the Complete range launched, Tweak created packaging to reflect its brand promise and sell its key hard-working ingredients and cut through cleaning power.

9 Oct 2021

Massel Asian Stock Range

Tweak was tasked to design a Massel Asian range of stock cubes. It was important to leverage the Massel identity; known for taste and quality, whilst distinctly differentiating the Asian range. Key brand assets were carried over and reimagined to set the tone for authentic asian cuisine. A black masthead with gold asian brush script clearly defines the range and is first in hierarchy.

3 May 2022

Cuddly Extra Care

Cuddly Extra Care is for consumers looking to get more from their fabric conditioner than just softness and fragrance. So, the packaging had to engage consumers on a sensory level but also communicate that it works harder than other products.

9 Oct 2021

Colgate Optic White Expert Range

Tweak’s pack architecture for a range of whitening toothpastes under the Optic White brand creates a clear hierarchy of information and consistency on shelf. Working within the global brand identity, Tweak delivered visual consistency using a white glow above a rippling red background.

15 Feb 2022

Cuddly Care & Protect

Tweak’s design for Cuddly Care & Protect communicates its fragrance and softness while highlighting its antibacterial claims.

9 Oct 2021


When Nicaway launched mini lozenges, an exciting new product to help manage nicotine cravings, it was a chance to design more powerful packaging to increase shelf presence, build consumer awareness and elevate the brand. Tweak’s revolutionary design heroes the brand logotype, leverages the brand’s benefits and improves navigation at point of purchase.

1 Jul 2021

Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid Range- Redesign

When Tweak was asked to redesign the Palmolive Dishwashing Liquid range from bottle labels to full shrink wrap labels...

6 Jul 2021

Primo Season’s Greetings Ham- NPD

For Primo’s new Season’s Greetings hams with bush-flavoured glazes, Tweak created packaging that suggests the celebratory and indulgent nature of the product.

8 Apr 2021

Nerada Tea Probiotics

Nerada has created a range of herbal infusions with added probiotics to appeal to a more health-conscious consumer. Inspired by the ingredients in each blend, Tweak designed packaging that clearly communicates the functional benefits of each variant and that has a distinct on-shelf personality.

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“Design solutions that are strategically aimed to
complement your brand values and engage the target consumer”


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