For over ten years Tweak has designed and developed Gatorade’s brand architecture including two brand evolutions and a global refresh. Today, Gatorade has an enviable 34.1% share of the competitive sports drink market.
In 2005 and 2009, we introduced edgy and contemporary graphic elements to win increased market share and take on new competitors.

In 2011, the global rebrand as the ‘G’ series was a big leap for the Australian market so we reintroduced the Gatorade name and dialed up the lightning bolt to ensure customers remained loyal to the product. Our redesign was rolled out in international markets and is part of the global identity guidelines.

We’ve also worked on successful brand communications for Gatorade Bolt; new formulas including Fierce Apple and Endurance; and new promotional concepts such as AFL, Replay and Fuelling the Ashes.

 “Gatorade is backed by more than 50 years of sports science and is widely used by many of the world’s elite athletes and teams” (Retail World article- pg. 8 Robbert Rietbroek PepsiCo Australia & New Zealand CEO).