Fluffy is currently the market leader in Fabric Conditioner in Australia, with more than 40% of market share.

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As a market leader, Fluffy seeks to delight the hedonist consumer that is looking for new experiences and fragrances. Fluffy Divine Blends is a new fabric conditioner that skilfully blends two scents together to deliver a fresh burst of life to your clothes for an uplifting sensorial experience. The packaging graphics offer a unique and premium look while maintaining Fluffy’s core brand values – Positive, Irresistible, Surprising, Playful, Energetic. It has a modern, fresh ingredient imagery swirling into a dark, rich navy blue background providing strong visual distinction and sub-brand ranging on shelf. Shrink wrapping helps to further enhance premium cues. The range launched with two divine fragrances; Lotus Flower & Sea Minerals and Pomegranate & Sandalwood.