Emporia is manufactured in Australia by Solaris Paper, an Australian operated and managed affiliate of Asia Pulp and Paper, established in 2007, distributing high quality toilet and tissue paper products throughout the Australasia region. 

Emporia is a first for the toilet tissue category, a luxury product aimed at the top end consumer; four ply tissue constructed with micro-fibre technology for superior softness and strength. Available in two varieties – unscented, white, embossed or for the ultimate statement scented with a luxury perfume in the inner core sheets not the outside, silver printed and embossed.

Micro Fibre Technology The secret of Emporia’s ultra silky softness lies in the unique micro fibre used in our tissue. Micro Fibres are very short fibres that give the tissue softness and act like tiny brushes pampering your skin. Combined with a small amount of longer fibres for strength we achieve the ultra silky softness of Emporia luxury toilet tissue. The unique combination of micro fibres for ultra softness and long fibres for strength, embedded in 4 lush layers of tissue, create the ultimate luxury experience with 10 million fibres per sheet.

Design & Positioning Strategy
Tweak developed and refined positioning strategies based around the broader theme of luxury and style. Of these one stood out to the target audience, that being the positioning of ‘high end european style’. Our inspiration for this used visual cues from well known, decadent luxury brands to signal the ultimate luxury experience.

Strong, ornate imagery used in brands such as Versace would set a new high ground in the category. A frosted, semi-opaque stock was desired which presented many print process challenges. Due to the frosting the artwork had to be printed on the outside of the substrate not the inside which is the traditional method. This allowed us to print a matte ink which would contrast the high sheen metallic ink. A custom gold ink was developed as we needed a higher metallic chip content than is currently available. We also needed to increase the opacity of the metallic ink to maintain its sheen and tone when overprinting the matte ink colour.

Both the product and its packaging had to comply with Solaris’ and APP’s sustainability requirements. The company maintains a strict, zero-tolerance policy for illegal fibre entering the supply chain and implements comprehensive, independently audited systems to ensure that the raw materials it purchases are from legal and responsibly managed forests. It also uses strict, independently audited, legal origin verification and chain-of-custody protocols to ensure complete transparency on the origin of its raw materials. Emporia’s packaging materials and processes had to conform with the requirement that suppliers operate at least in accordance with national and international regulations, and above them where possible.

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Emporia Toilet Tissue is featured in the PKN Jan/Feb 2015 Issue.



Emporia Toilet Tissue is featured in the Retail World Jan/Feb 2015 Issue.