Massel started operating in Sydney in 1982, and in 1987 the company released a range of premium products featuring; no animal content; no added MSG; no gluten; no lactose. 
These products exclusively targeted the discerning consumer looking for high quality, superior performance and great taste.
Today, Massel holds a prominent position in the Australian market with its range of high grade bouillon cubes (52.1% market share*) and granulate/powder range (28.4%*).
Massel specialise in flavouring products for the consumer, the food service market and provide exclusive flavour-blends for the food manufacturing industry. Massel’s product portfolio continues to be among the most innovative worldwide.
The Massel packaging graphics were repositioned to align with current food trends, increase natural quality cues and maintain Massel’s brand values. The ribbon architecture creates a strong visual distinction that stands out on shelf. Fresh ingredient imagery was used to engage the consumer and communicate the products natural, healthy offering.

The Massel range was feature in PKN’s Shelf Shout November 2012



*Source: Nielsen scan track