Moosehead started about 10 years ago in Melbourne when we [McPherson’s] noticed there was a real need for styling hair products that were actually made for the urban guy.

The idea of the range was to be fun, entertaining and inspired while actually giving guys’ quality product that was on trend, not just gel in a tube. As a brand we strive to provide our guys with new and exciting lines while ensuring we don’t suffice quality and our Aussie heritage. Like all good Australian brands we are also getting about globally and can be found in the UK and Iceland.
(Internet Source Moosehead).

Moosehead seasonal gift packs presented an opportunity to strengthen brand awareness with the target audience, ‘the urban guy’. We integrated current urban graffiti art with the Moosehead brand identity, making the brand synonymous with urban style. Graffiti connects with youth culture, creating targeted standout within the category, while the colour ways link back to the core range of products.

Moosehead is featured in the PKN eNews.