Brent recalls his recent adventure on one of Australia’s most famous bush walks.

My decade long dream of hiking Tasmania’s Overland Track was finally realised this March when I undertook an ‘adventure’ version of this landmark trail with the Tasmanian Walking Company.

The truly rugged landscape made the journey both physically challenging and utterly inspiring. Our small group comprised of 10 like-minded walkers and 2 experienced, very knowledgable, guides. This is only the second time I have undertaken a guided walk. As a youngster I was content carrying a 20kg back pack but must confess, that a little later in life, a 9.5kg back pack, healthy cuisine and hot showers are genuinely appreciated! For the trekkies, we walked 105km, climbed 4144 metres and summited 4 mountains (Cradle Mountain, Barn Bluff, Mount Oakley & Mount Ossa). My first trip to Tassie and what an introduction, I certainly look forward to returning.

Enjoy the pics, cheers.

Brent Hulbert – Managing Director

Trip Images-02

Day 1: A glorious day passing by Cradle Lake.

Trip Images-18

Day 1: A very steep, short ascent to Marions Lookout.

Trip Images-03

Day 1: Closely following our guide up the, rather steep, Cradle Mountain ascent.

Trip Images-04

Day 1: Wow! Cradle Mountain summit. Day 2’s Barn Bluff in the distance. Help!

Trip Images-19

Day 1: Leaving Cradle Mountain.

Trip Images-05

Day 2: Early start for Barn Bluff, Tasmania’s fourth-tallest mountain!
Only 5 of our group, myself included, are up for the challenge!

Trip Images-06

Day 2: Barn Bluff ascent via its spectacular landslide. Very steep sections, with lots of boulder scrambling toward the summit.

Trip Images-07

Day 2: Contemplating life atop Barn Bluff.

Trip Images-08

Day 2: Barn Bluff in all its glory. Reminds me of smoke stack.

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Day 3: A well earned lunch before we cross the, very muddy, buttongrass moorlands to Mount Oakleigh.

Trip Images-10

On the summit of Mount Oakleigh with ‘top of the world’ views encompassing almost the entire Overland landscape. Very chilly!

Trip Images-11

Day 3: A group member checking emails, there’s no escape!

Trip Images-12

Day 4: Onward to Mount Ossa, Tasmania’s highest peak!

Trip Images-13

Day 4: Our guide standing precariously on Mount Ossa’ highest point.
On the horizon you can see Barn Bluff (center) & Cradle Mountain (right).

Trip Images-14

Day 4: I don’t recall posing for this one!
During winter the snow can reach the top of these silver poles.

Trip Images-15

Day 4: These guides can cook. Yum!

Trip Images-16

Day 5: ‘Brownie’ at Du Cane Gap. My roomates little bear has travelled to many of the worlds great locations.

Trip Images-17

Day 6: Celebrating the journey with new friends and a glass of Tassies finest.