AYAM™ developed two new sweet products to expand on its current sweet offerings of Coconut Spread and Palm Sugar Syrup. The range was rebranded under a ‘new look’  in order to distinguish the products from the core range, and create sweet appetite appeal. It was important to strike a balance between the authentic asian cuisine, that AYAM™ is known for, while appealing to a western consumer. A slip case was designed for the jar to maximise visual area on shelf, and convey the perception of a treat. The creamy background, not only links the products together with a range colour, but also emotes a feeling of indulgence and smooth mouthfeel. Bright variant colours are inspired by western sweets packaging, while the pattern work links the design back to authentic asian cuisine. A spoon is used to clue into the occasion, eliminate mystery around the product form, and increase appetite appeal attracting trial from consumers unfamiliar to the product. The typography is reminiscent of asian brush script, its long swirling lines convey a feeling of indulgence.
AYAM™ Desserts Range is featured in Food & Drink, April 6.