SKINS is the category leader in sports compression wear, and is known for its technological advancement and quality construction. The 400 Series is the top tier within the SKINS range and as such appeals to the discerning athlete who wants the most advanced compression wear on the market.

In order to remain leaders of the category, SKINS continues to innovate and incorporate new technologies into their garments. The latest update to their A400 range not only incorporated innovative inbuilt technology, but also a strong visual element. The garments are printed with designs inspired by architectural references and metallic finishes that capture light using a different design for the Men’s and Women’s ranges.
In 2014 Tweak was tasked to redesign the 400 Series packaging in line with the new advancements. We were given a key directive; to create a look that at a glance communicates ‘the most technologically advanced sports compression wear ever’.

Before conceptualising we first rationalised the Series as it is extensive and variable with navigation of the range key to its success. Within the 400 Series range there are several categories – A400 – A for Active and RY400 – RY for Recovery. Then there is Men’s, Women’s and Youth and within those there are multiple garment styles and colours. Once the balance and hierarchy of these important navigational elements were understood we commenced conceptualising the new range look.

Men’s, Women’s and Youth products are defined by background colour: Black for Men’s, White for Women’s and Grey for Youth. These colours create clear range blocking on shelf and are the first step in navigating the overall range.

Garment photography was a key driver in the design, not only in its scale but in the execution. The pack was designed to create a zone where the photography could be cropped to create dynamic shapes and maximise garment recognition. It was important to get the poses right in order to show the graphic details. We also wanted the poses to be masculine and strong for the Men’s and soft and contoured for the Women’s. The lighting was designed to highlight the stitch lines and textures of the garments. A radial vignette is used as a backdrop, lifting the images off the background to create depth and help define the pack architecture.

The photography is underpinned by dominant garment names designed to assert attention and assist in navigation. The Active and Recovery range colours occupy a prime position above the garment names where Men’s, Women’s and Youth is also communicated.

Side colour panelling aligns with the garment colour, whether it be gold, graphite, black, white or flesh tone. This wraps to the front face for on-shelf colour navigation. A spot varnish webbing gives a tactile quality to the pack, engaging the consumer and hinting at the hidden technology inside.

The size chart on the back of pack was also improved. We revised the layout to make it simpler to use. Various techniques were used to achieve this which include designing the chart in such a way that the eye leads seamlessly from the outside scale to the inside sizing zones. The colour pallet was simplified to only two and vignetting within size groups gave precise separation.

Within the inside box lining a variety of on brand statements are written such as “YOU WON’T FIND ANY EXCUSES IN HERE” and “WE’VE DONE OUR BIT NOW IT’S UP TO YOU”. It’s a discoverable element that sets the tone of the brand and, along with other components, makes the packaging truly experiential.

The result is a design that conveys a product for today with technology from tomorrow. Carefully composed and precisely crafted, the packaging lives up to the quality of the product inside.