Tweak has been delivering strategy based, branding solutions to major Australian and international companies for over 15 years. These include Colgate-Palmolive, Pepsico, Snack Brands, Streets, Massel & A. Clouet & Co. Tweak is known for its ability to build brands and create successful sales results. Our Creative Director, Anthony Cody and Managing Director, Brent Hulbert aim to uphold a personalised and flexible service including a wider range of creative concepts that connect with the consumer.


“Understanding the core consumer is key to
providing creative ideas that tap into their world”


31 Aug 2017

The Natural Chip Co. Range

We evolved The Natural Chip Co. packaging to reinforce its ‘natural’ point of difference and create an easily identifiable mark to build brand recognition. The new pack heroes real tasty ingredients and introduces vibrant colours for standout. The brand refresh successfully communicates the naturally great tasting brand proposition.

30 Aug 2017


Tweak was asked to refresh a much-loved brand to appeal to a new generation of consumers as well as remain relevant to long time Sargents pie lovers.

31 Jul 2017


New branding builds strength and effectiveness. Tweak designed a comprehensive packaging solution for pain reliever Mersynofen that leverages the brand's heritage and trusted attributes and strengthens the product's core difference. The split colour device emphasises the two ingredients working together to relieve pain and sets it apart from competitors. "Voted Product of the Year' by Retail World Always read the label. Use only as directed. Incorrect use can be harmful. If symptoms persist, see your

30 Jul 2017

AYAM™ Celebrating 125 Years

125 years of delivering authentic Asian flavours to the world is definitely something to shout about.

29 Jul 2017


Triple the shelf shout with a new design Tweak's brief was to refresh the Virasolve brand to differentiate it from its competitors, better communicate its unique selling proposition, and to command attention on the shelf. The design evolution dials up Virasolve's equities and product claims with a new logotype, a Triple Action device that emphasises its key ingredients, and the retention of the signature yellow and white to maintain brand

30 Jul 2017

AYAM™ Soy Sauce

Tweak was engaged to develop a new soy sauce range for AYAM™. Authenticity and quality has always been at the heart of the AYAM™ brand, but what makes the soy sauce range specifically own these key attributes?

30 Jul 2017


Bold design gains maximum stand out on shelf. Narium is an established, trusted brand in the non-medicated nasal spray category but its packaging didn't have the shelf shout it needed. Tweak introduced a vibrant blue to cap the pack and strengthen the logotype, added definition to the face profile and movement to the swoosh to show more than one action at work. The modern look-and-feel of the packaging differentiates it from competitors and enhances its

20 Jun 2017

Gastrolyte Ready to Drink Pop-Tops

Gastrolyte Ready to Drink Pop-Tops contain a balanced solution of glucose and electrolytes that help children rehydrate quickly.

12 Jun 2017

Cuddly Aroma Collections

Cuddly Aroma Collections is an amalgamation of the the previous Cuddly Aroma and Cuddly Collections.

20 May 2017


Tweak has given the Comfortis brand a powerful new identity to differentiate the range in a crowded pet care market.

19 May 2017

Gatorade G Active

New Gatorade Active is a sugar free flavoured electrolyte water. It is vitamin and electrolyte enhanced without the calories.

16 May 2017

Fluffy Fragrance Temptations Limited Edition

Tweak was engaged to design the original Fragrance Temptations which burst onto the scene in 2010 with its visually striking black look.

28 Mar 2017

The Biltong Man

Biltong is a cured and air-dried beef delicacy, originating from South Africa. It is a great ready to eat snack, high in protein, low in fat, gluten free and preservative free.

13 Jun 2017

Fluffy Divine Blends Line Extension

Fluffy Divine Blends is a combination of two scents blended together to deliver a fresh burst of fragrance for an uplifting sensorial experience.

12 Apr 2017


Bio-Organics brought Tweak on board to design a new sub range of vitamins and minerals for diabetics, called Glycemix.

26 May 2017

Gatorade Fierce AFL range

Tweak adapted the successful global Gatorade Fierce design to match the Australian Gatorade 600ml bottle. To reflect Gatorade’s sponsorship of the AFL and target Australian consumers, Tweak incorporated bold AFL hero player photography that champions the new flavours and drives awareness.

1 Apr 2017

Cuddly Protect

Previously Tweak was commissioned to design the new Cuddly Anti-Wrinkle fabric conditioner for 50% less wrinkles.

6 Dec 2016

Gatorade Liquid Concentrate

For the first time Gatorade is available as a liquid concentrate in a one litre bottle (Blue Bolt and Lemon Lime flavours).

26 Oct 2016

Kettle Popcorn

Tweak’s packaging solution to launch the new Kettle Popcorn range leverages Kettle’s handcrafted and premium quality brand promise. With bold ingredient imagery, playful typography and hand drawn elements, the design has instant shelf standout and appetite appeal for consumers looking for a great tasting snack. Kettle is featured in the PKN eNews.

26 Oct 2016

Cuddly Anti-Wrinkle

Tweak's packaging design for Cuddly Anti-Wrinkle spotlights the functional appeal of the product-50% fewer wrinkles - to appeal to time poor consumers who value the benefit of easier ironing over fragrance. With softened fragrance cues to suggest freshness rather than a strong sensory experience and a pack architecture that complements Cuddly Antibacterial, another variant with functional benefits, the design positions Cuddly as the fabric care experts. Cuddly Anti-Wrinkle is featured in the PKN

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Our office is located in the historic Farmers & Graziers Woolstore, built in 1895 by grain and wool merchant, John Bridge. The building operated as a woolstore for 100 years, playing an important part in what was Australia’s most valuable export industry. Although the building has been extensively refurbished for residential and commercial purposes, a large, rare and possibly unique assemblage of Australian-made machinery related to the wool warehousing and broking industry has been retained.


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