Tweak’s design simply and elegantly conveys taste and premium cues, beginning with the expressive script used for ‘Taste Sensations’, which is underscored by an emotive product descriptor, ‘Decadent Flavour Collection’.

The artful use of a black background conveys that the product is premium and desirable and subtly conveys ‘black label’.  The all over matt finish with striking high gloss spot varnishes and metallic foil substrate show through helps underline that this is a high-quality product. A silver foil patterned ribbon bleeds into the back from top to bottom, a detail inspired by the finer things in life. Paying attention to the little details such as tweaking the Kettle branding to a high gloss black kettle pot shows that Taste Sensations are different.

The high contrast photography focuses the consumer’s gaze on the ingredients to instantly express decadent flavour and taste.


The Kettle Taste Sensations is featured in the PKN eNews.