Fluffy & Fab Fragrance Temptations Evolution


Tweak was engaged to design the original Fragrance Temptations which burst onto the scene in 2010 making a visually striking statement on shelf as a black range.

The exotic fragrances and contemporary graphic style connected with younger consumers who have modern aspirations and lifestyles. Based on this initial success Tweak continued with the evolution of the next generation of Fragrance Temptations in 2014. Since launch, both the Fab & Fluffy Fragrance Temptations ranges have delivered outstanding results in market.

The challenge in evolving the Fragrance Temptations design was to maintain the range look, while updating the graphics to align with the discerning younger consumer who have a well-developed sense of current trends. The abstract graphic illustration style was redesigned to more literally communicate fragrance. The new look includes filigree elements and abstract flower shapes. The flower shapes represent a merger of fabric and fragrance swirling in designer fragrance. The filigree elements are in line with modern vintage trends used in current high-end fragrance communication.